Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ivory wedding dress - the forgotten color

Ivory - the other color, the unpopular yet mysterious sister of white, and the color for the bride who wants to be different, but of course, just as elegant. White wedding gowns seem to be the de rigeur for wedding gowns in every fashion mag - both online and offline. Perfect bodied models can be sautering down the runway in every white gown imaginable. However, when you do see a one wearing an ivory gown, something different just happens. Your eyes just seem to gaze a bit longer and soon you'll notice that ivory is indeed a color for the bride who wants to be unique. ** Since finding an ivory bridal gown can be somewhat of a challenge, it will be my goal to build a list of ivory dresses found on the web.

I'm starting out with these:

Priscilla of Boston - Platinum Gown Collection has a strapless lace embroidered gown.


A Silk Taffeta gown with strapless and ballgown design from Jim Helm. There is another one with an A-line design and an embroidered bodice that is just as nice.


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