Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ringbearer Pillows with Personality

Since the days of kings and queens, important pieces of jewelry were always presented in ornate cushions or pillows. Whether for a coronation or a royal wedding, a beautiful sewn pillow would set the presentation in a glorious way. Let's fast forward a few hundred years and you've got ringbearer pillows. They come in all sorts and in varying prices. Some are cheaper (within the $10 to $50 range, others can be embroidered with a monogram, while there are those that are simply different -handmade, lavishly decorated, and made for the bride and groom who don't just want any pillow. They want a luxurious ring pillow that can be kept as a precious heirloom. Those that your ringbearer will be proud to hold up and not toss off during the ceremony by "accident". For these couples, I recommend the following fine boutiques:

Olivier Laudus

Based in London, but they sell to the US. Their collection consists of pillows in your choice of satin or dupioni silk. Each are embellished with lustrous pearls and diamante circles. You also have the option of having your wedding date and initials embroidered on the pillow. These pillows come in their own keepsake box bearing the company's name. My favorite is the one with a heart in the center called the "Cinderella Wedding Ring Cushion" priced at $166.00.


Already known for their elegant favor packaging, their ring pillows are crafted in silk shantung, hand beaded with glass beads and pearls, and embroidered with lacework. These puppies also come with a silver presentation box bearing their name. If you are looking for an ivory ring bearer pillow, which are not that easy to find, then their book shaped pillow could be it. It's evidently made to look like a real book with flaps, too! The rings are placed inside and you tie them with a set of satin ribbons. It'd be great for a wedding with a fairytale theme. Priced at $185.00


With a reputation for their one of a kind bridal bags, their ring pillows are exquisite. This cream embroidered pillow with a gold silk ribbon is a nice piece for a gold and ivory wedding ceremony. Its edges are beaded with gold and pearl scallops. Priced at $250.

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