Friday, September 08, 2006

Chocolate Mold - for Favors

If you can melt it, you can mold. Chocolate in any form - be it a cake, coin, or any other object you can imagine (I won't mention anything else besides chocolate thongs). But anyways, candy or chocolate molds are a fun way to give out edible favors at a wedding or bridal shower party. They're even a great project for a Saturday afternoon - a snowed out one with the kids, or as a fun craft-oriented shower.

There are many kinds of chocolate molds out there such as:


Make and Mold Wedding Cake Mold from Wrapwithus - at $2.49 per mold. This is a mold that is different from the ones you can make into a lollipop. If you are inspired by those Godiva chocolate cake favors made by cake designer Sylvia Weinstock, then this could be a nice alternative. I can't say though about how it will taste because Godiva chocolate is supremo good. On another note, Make and Mold's website also features some interesting DIY projects.


Purse and Umbrella Chocolate Mold - at $2.19 per mold

They also have the mold for a cake on a lollipop, which seems to be quite popular. There are several kinds of these lollipop molds around the web, that come in different designs.


Bride and Groom on a Lollipop from Candy Mold Central - at $1.89 per mold
They also feature several other kinds of molds in the shape of every bridal thing such as a bell, swan, or champagne glass - to name a few.

Happy Molding!


Wedding Chocolate Favors - Truffles

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