Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weddings for a Cause

While spending enormous amounts of money to have the perfect wedding is becoming more of a fact these days, there is always a way to make a lavish and extravagant wedding, one that is both memorable and yet charitable. Not to say that we should start having charity weddings, but there are some ways to put the money spent on a wedding towards a good cause.

Here are some of my ideas - I know that not every bride or groom will agree with them, but here they are:

1) Instead of storing your gown, you can donate your gown to a charitable auction such as one for breast cancer. The same can be said if the groom had bought his tuxedo. You may want to check this website:

Charity Folks has teamed with the Knot for a wedding dress auction

2) Have the flowers from the reception brought to a nursing home.

3) Have your guests give donations to a charity through a registry of your choosing:

I Do Foundation

Just Give

4) For guest favors, make a donation to your favorite charity and let guests know by enclosing a small piece of candy together with your donation card's message.

5) If your wedding has any leftover food, have them given to a homeless shelter.

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