Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What to Wear for a Winter Wedding

Visions of snowflakes and icicles bring forth all the surreal beauty of winter - both romantic and glamorous. But wait, it's also really cold, especially if you live anywhere within the midwest and east coast region. How about Chicago or Vermont in December? And let's not forget our Canadian brides, it's cold up there!

A wedding in the winter can certainly be ultra glamourous, but you gotta have the right garb to look fabulous even when it's 20-30 below (brrr!). And hopefully, you don't have to look like the Pillsbury doughboy. So, with that said, the search is on for pretty things to wear with a wedding gown this coming winter.

Here are some of my first finds:

This wonderful ivory faux fur satin shrug - simple with an elegant satin ribbon. There is also a similar one in white. Only problem is that this is from the UK, but this piece from Cornelia James might be available in the US. Some of their products are available in stores such as Neiman Marcus. It's still quite an inspirational piece - perhaps a similar capelet might be lurking around somewhere on the web.


Stylish is the word to describe this white coat from Designer Tuleh. As for the price, still searching for it.


From, this white wool coat from Via Spiga touts a cashmere and wool blend. So chic! For $399.00, it's worth a look, since white coats that are stylish are so hard to come by.

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