Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Japanese Wedding Site

As we all know, there are dozens of wedding planning sites around the US, but today, I decided to look at what’s going on outside our wonderful country by taking a trip (ahem, a virtual one) to Japan. And if you cannot understand words of a foreign language, it’s a good thing that there are still pictures to go by.
For this “trip”, I stumbled upon this site called Zexy – in what appears to be a Japanese wedding site similar to or


I enjoyed getting around the site by just clicking on the site's graphical metaphors . It's a good thing they have those buttons with metaphors. Now I know how it feels to be a foreigner in another country who could only get around by pointing at pictures.

Here are some of the pages I visited:

Destination Weddings


They feature some pretty interesting destination wedding resorts. Each resort provides detailed information with several pictures of the place that you can view in an enlarged format. Be sure to check this place with some spectacular views.

Dress Fashions


Since this visit is one based purely on the visual, I must say that their Flash presentation of various wedding dresses is a treat. When you land on this page, put your mouse on each model and a new picture comes up of the model wherein you can view the gowns from different angles.



The wedding ring section features some very cool flash videos of each vendor. To view each vendor, click on the pictures under the section called Special Report. When you click on a new link, a window pops up offering virtual tours of each store and a showcase of their collections.

Wedding Flowers


I found it most intriguing when I saw this picture of a bouquet that really looks like a flower ball – pretty neat-looking pomander. It's the first picture on the top right of the page.


Some additional sites that I found recently:

Wedding Expert

Wedding Net

Wedding Park

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