Monday, August 08, 2005

Where's the remote?

Traditionally, dogs have long been considered as man’s best friend. But, lately, I beg to differ for sooner or later dogs will be displaced by an electronic device commonly known as the TV remote control. While there are also other remote control devices that man uses such as the garage door opener or the air conditioner control, the TV remote control tops the list for home essentials. And with satellite TV, the remote control will undoubtedly supersede most household electronic gadgets. Available in different designs from sleek black to silver bookmark-sized “remotes”, the remote as it is popularly called is often the most misplaced item in the house. However, most women know that they typically wind up in any of these places: underneath the sofa, between sofa cushions, or under the coffee table. Ironically, one of the most common places to lose a remote is on top of the TV unit itself. Perhaps honing devices should be attached to them considering how often they get lost at home. I’m sure every wife, mother, or sister has sometime in their lives been asked: "have you seen the remote - I was just using it?"


Heather said...

The remote is already my husband's best friend ;-)

Dahlia said...

A sad, but common trend happening.