Friday, August 12, 2005

Our gas

Living in LA, one must have a car. Forget taking the bus because:

A) There are too many weirdos and

B) Good luck, if the bus arrives on time

Therefore, with the rising prices of gas, it's just plain ridiculous! I've had to adjust my car lifestyle a bit like conserving on the use of my air conditioning, driving out only when I really need to like going to work or shopping, and walking more. But, by far, the most uncomfortable adjustment is driving up to the pump and seeing the cash go bye-bye. Boy, it's getting to be really expensive to commute by car over here.

To add some humour to this, my husband says that maybe we should go back to using horse carriages like they do when couples want to be romantic for a wedding.


Snidget said...

they predict 3.25 a gallon... UGH.

mrsmogul said...

That's nothing! In the UK Gas prices are tripled! For example, to fill up HALF a tank of gas it costs $40!

Dahlia said...

While it is true that our UK friends pay more for their gas, I'm sure they don't commute 50 or more miles one way to their work everyday in their cars. In Southern Cal, your most reliable transportation is your own car - not the mass transit.