Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Husbands and Wives

And they lived happily ever after…Not! As most movie and cartoons would like you to think, weddings appear to be easier than the marriage itself. This delusional depiction often comes in the form of a prince charming coming to take a helpless damsel, and they head off to the sunset. But, when you look at the whole thing it just doesn’t happen in real life. Take for instance, the number of blogs on the web dedicated to my idiot husband or bitchy wife. A search will yield you some interesting results from happy to gloomy writers posting whatever is their mind:;;;;; As I was conducting this search, the most striking aspect of this search yielded that more women post their thoughts about husband on the web than men; probably because women find the web as a major outlet for letting off steam. I also found it quite amusing that when you search for in quotes for the following in Google:

“my idiot husband”, several search results pop up - showing 1,010 results for "my idiot husband".;

however, for “my idiot wife”, surprising results show only about 49 for "my idiot wife";

lastly, for "my bitchy wife" you get , some of these results are written by women themselves, so it might not really mean anything, but it's just interesting to see what appears - only 822 for "bitchy wife".

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