Friday, August 05, 2005

Peace and love

PDAs. Most people have at least one or have owned one. While most people view the PDA as a pocket-sized gadget that we rely on for our appointments and tasks, there is another type of PDA that has been around far longer than this technological device. This PDA, commonly known as “public display of affection,” exists in every culture in every country. It has many forms – just in different degrees. In some countries, it is also punishable by law to show too much PDA. Admittedly, I’ve never been the “affectionate displaying” type. In high school, it was both amusing and annoying to see couples girls attached like magnets to their boyfriends, while holding hands and kissing in the hallway. Normal, yes, but I roll my eyes up thinking about that time in my life. College was a little bit better as most of the people around me where a bit more discreet in their “ways.” While some people do not mind PDA as the French do, there are some people who find it offensive, uncomfortable, or plain awkward. From a more liberal mindset, I really don’t mind, but I certainly think couples should know what is appropriate behavior in public. In the end, there’s a simple saying that sums things up: at least “it’s better to make love not war”.

The shot below taken by the famous French photographer, Robert Doisneau, is one of my fav pics of a couple kissing in public.

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