Sunday, August 28, 2005

Color blind

Saturday was clean up day. Isn't funny how cleaning up sometimes turns into an extended exercise where you find yourself sifting through magazines and cutting out articles, or opening up old books and reading a page or two. Among the things that were gathering dust and a whole lot of allergens were my wedding photos. I realized that my colors were uncoordinated. I never though much of it back then, but nowadays color coordination and matching is so important. Okay, what happened? Why did I have an ivory gown and yet chose periwinkle and white as my colors? It hit me that my table's linens were periwinkle, but the table overlay was white. Or, why was the cake ivory, while the invitations were white and periwinkle? I think I must have gotten so caught up in the details that nobody asked if everything matched with periwinkle! I must have been color blind, which is probably why blue jeans and a white tee are my staple weekend wear.

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