Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bow tie vs. neck tie

Bow tie vs. neck tie. The odds of seeing a man wearing a bow tie are probably 1 in every 50, or maybe more. While ties are certainly more common than bow ties, whenever I see a man wearing a bow tie, there are several thoughts that come to mind, but namely, square, uptight, and square. Most of the guy friends I’ve asked say that they would never wear a bow tie to work because it makes them look pretentious. Someone even said that it looks too “school boyish” for them. Others indicate that it's too hard to tie a bowtie or it feels too tight on their neck. Or, is it visions of seeing DOMs in bowties with fat cigars that really makes them so unappealing.

Perhaps most men don’t like wearing a bow tie except when they have to wear a tuxedo. It might not be the fashionable thing to wear, but it may be cool and trendy if:

- the latest fashion runways start showing models in bowties
- rappers ike Snoop Dogg started wearing them in their videos
- or if Brad Pitt was caught wearing one

I’m sure bowties will be less notorious for being odd or square. Imagine that!


matthewlando0879 said...
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Snidget said...

i kinda dig the bowtie...

And I think a boy that wears them (I mean depending on who they are) could be kinda cute.

Dahlia said...

Must agree on that. It's the man that makes the clothes and not the other way around.

Peri said...

I always imagine economists wearing bow ties for some reason.