Monday, August 01, 2005

Dress me up

When it comes to figuring out what to wear to a party, black is the common choice for many women wanting to appear slimmer and taller than our usual size. In the fashion world, a black dress can work wonders on a figure in more ways than we know. But, is it appropriate to wear black to a wedding or similar type of event? The vast majority of people I asked said that it would be a bad judgment in etiquette, since you’d most likely wear black to a funeral or wake, or are in mourning. I gather that it would be entirely conspicuous to be wearing a black dress at a daytime summer wedding when everyone else is wearing a lightweight summer dress or dress shirt. I suppose it may be different if the wedding was an evening event with more formality and using a wrap or a shawl to complete the outfit would be okay. Beyond this scenario, if you’re still torn about wanting to wear a dark outfit, there’s always blue or brown, but in the summer, I don’t think these colors would fly. Personally, if somebody wore black to my wedding, birthday, or other similar celebration, I wouldn't be to apt to invite them again as a guest.


Niobium said...

I think black at weddings is completely inappropriate--it's funeral attire not wedding attire, regardless of the time the wedding takes place. However, men in white are worse then womyn in black.

Dahlia said...

There was one lady at my wedding who wore black. She was the wife of my dad's cousin. It was a very poor sign of judgement on her part.