Thursday, August 18, 2005

Eyes, ears, and nose

Fall is definitely coming. My itchy eyes, runny nose, clogged nose, and incessant sneezing have made me well aware of that. Sinus headaches – you win! Every time summer begins to end and the weather starts getting a bit cooler, I can’t explain it, but my body just knows that it does not like the change in the season. This physical response was actually worse when I used to live in the Midwest. Spring was my enemy back then, but now that I live in LA, fall is the new foe. My only true form of relief comes in the summer when the weather is hot. A strange phenomenon, but one that is short lived. That’s probably why I had chosen to have my wedding back then early in June. For three months, just as most summer vacation hits, my allergies seem to do that same thing. I just wonder at how come some people can go through life without such allergies. But, coming from a family of allergy sufferers, there’s nothing much I can do except stock up on Flonase, Claritin, and populate my home with HEPA filters. Just about the only time that I felt “normal” was during a two-week vacation in Kauai. My nose could not have been happier.


Cori said...

my hubby had horrible allergies when we lived in LA. Now they are not as bad. Its always summer in LA!! I hope your nose knows!

Sexy Soccamom said...

Where in the midwest? I've had such bad headaches this summer and my doctor is still trying to figure out why. I wonder if it's allergy, climate, or age related. Maybe a combo.

Dahlia said...

Lived in Kansas. Spring is awful there.