Friday, August 26, 2005


A week filled with twists:

I get stuck in traffic only to get to work for a meeting that was cancelled

Waiter forgets my order of grilled chicken pasta. I complain. I get it at half-price.

The auto insurance sends me a check for the rear end. See previous post.

I usually buy Coffeemate flavored cream in Caramel, but inadvertently get Hazelnut. Must be colorblind because the Caramel comes in an orange bottle and the Hazelnut comes in yellow. Hazenut’s not bad at all.

I am just glad that the week is over.

Whenever days like these happen, I'm thinking if the next week will be the same. While I do have a stupid dinner party to go to, I just want to stay home. My husband says that maybe it just seems worse because of PMS. PMS! No, events like these happen with or without it. They happen whether for a good reason or nothing at all.


Bill said...

Then again.. what if every week was completely uneventful... nothing strange, weird, or out of the ordinary happened...

Now *that*, in and of itself, would be strange indeed!!

Morah Mommy said...

Life would be boring if it wasn't filled with twists and turns. Although boring is nice sometime.

I enjoyed reading your blog...I intially dropped in because my daughter's name is Dahlia.

Have a good day!