Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wedding TV

When you were younger, were you ever told that you watch too much TV? Well, that was then – that was before the age of web video! And with so much new stuff coming up on the web, here are a couple of online video sites to check out:


The Knot TV Live
Features fashion runway shows, beauty, shopping, and honeymoon reports. What I like most are the clips showing the collections of wedding dress designers through the Knot TV on Demand. They have a nice schedule of videos posted on their site, as well.


Wedding Channel TV
Features mainly wedding fashion videos, but also includes other components of wedding planning such as how to choose the right kitchen appliances (yeah, some people need help with that).


Great for all you wedding voyeurs! There are loads of real weddings that you can watch. Wonderful to watch on a labor day weekend!


Google Video
Google’s new video search is another great way to check out other weddings from people kind enough to post their video on the web. Also recommended for wedding voyeurs.

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