Friday, August 25, 2006

The end of the 24 hour hitching post

Perhaps it’s the sign of the times, or just a sign that the Vegas Marriage License Bureau is cutting back on hours (i.e., costs amounting to about $200K). But anyways, spontaneous acts of matrimony shall soon come to a disappointing end for many – at least on a 24-hour basis. Does waiting for another 6-8 hours really matter from the time a proposal is made till the vows are exchanged? Maybe for some it does matter.

Whilst getting married during the wee hours of the night and often morning will no longer be available, waiting a bit longer might actually be a good thing for those who may be rushing into marriage a little bit too quickly. Maybe this delay might actually result in more planned weddings as opposed to saying “I do” right away. And in Vegas, it might be an opportunity to weigh in more of the experience of having a wedding there besides just getting hitched – unless this is your thing and spontaneity is tied to romance - not that I recommend one in Vegas, but yet some dig it. And if you do, here is a neat guide to "Las Vegas Weddings."

**Incidentally, there is a place in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho called The Hitching Post Wedding Chapel.

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