Monday, August 07, 2006

Red Rocks Here We Go

Most couples head out to the coast or water (i.e., lake, or beach) for a wedding. But, for those who chose to go inland, Arizona ain't so bad especially if you're looking at Sedona. This wonderful place is tucked deep within Arizona (near Flagstaff and about 100+ miles from Phoenix). The words tranquil, peaceful, and calm just seem to emanate from the place. One visit there and you will understand why it's a very unique place to tie the knot. Be sure to check out one of the most picturesque places called Cathedral Rocks. Some of the most popular resorts in Red Rock country include the Enchantment Resort, L'Auberge de Sedona, and the Hilton.



Anonymous said...

Sedona is a great place to visit. So peace and serene!

lorenzstudio said...

My husband and I spent time on our honeymoon in Sedona. It was one of our favorite stops! We followed the jeep tour path up to the top of the Mesa that overlooks Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon and watched the sunset. We spent the next morning mountain biking on one of the many trails available in the area. So much to do and such a beautiful place to visit.