Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yummy Easter Treat?

Alas, it is finally March, the beginning of Lent and a prelude to Easter. Now, I'm no cheery Easter bunny, but when I started looking at what goodies to have for my Easter lunch, I found one particular product that caught my attention. Recently, many chocolate manufacturers have started making chocolate crosses or crucifixes. Companies like Russel Stover Chocolates say that these are very popular among the Hispanic markets. While I do know that Hispanics love chocolate, I also do know that many Hispanics are also Catholics, and I don't think they would be lovin' it. I myself, while not religious by any standard, would think that it would be a sacrilege to be eating a chocolate cross even it is made with the finest cocoa. I would just find it deeply strange to be eating a cross-shaped piece of chocolate.

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