Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kiddie Plate, Pls.

Yesterday, I ran for 10 minutes. Not from excercise, but from rushing to the post office. Then I realized that were parts of my body that were bouncing, which did not bounce before I got married. Scary thought...So, for dinner, I decided that the era of super-sizing is over - at least for me. It's now kiddie-sizing. That is, I now order the kiddie meal whenever available. For starters, I had the Kid's Meal plate for dinner at Panda Express. They give you just the right portions. When you compare the adult with the kiddie plate, you'll be utterly shocked to realize the amount of carbs that you load up when ordering the regular/adult plate. This makes a great "pre-wedding diet" or even "post-baby" diet, I guess...

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