Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When is it too late for the clock?

Okay, I recently had this big argument with my sister in law about when is it the "right" age to have a baby. She, having just gotten married at the age of 28, got pregnant. She said that she was really afraid of having a baby well into her 30s because most women have their children well before they hit 35. I argued that it's pretty common for many women especially those concentrating on their careers to delay having a baby at all. While it is still very common for women to have their first child before 35, I told her why should those who plan to have a kid later in life, be looked upon strangely. Or, put it more bluntly, have some "problem" with fertility. Granted, we all have a finite amount of eggs in our basket, but isn't 34 still a viable age to have a child, or is it too late? When is the right age, then? 28, 32, or 34?


Me said...

The problem is that after 35 the chance for birth defects doubles.

Dahlia said...

Very good point. That's really unfortunate.