Monday, March 13, 2006

Have a Heart

Since last Christmas, I have known at least 3 people who have had heart attacks. All of whom range in age from 45 to 55. While I am still young, news like this makes me realize that everyday our hearts are subjected to all kinds of stress. While we certainly don't go through traumatic experiences on a daily basis, it turns out that a broken heart or ""stress cardiomyopathy" can result from stress and trauma due to great emotional pain caused by a loved one. I also read recently, that spouses who fight a lot can result in suffering from hardened arteries!


Cori said...

That is scary! I will send this info to someone I know who fights with her husband ALL the time.

Dahlia said...

It certainly is! I never thought that husband or wives could actually carry the same warning sign as tobacco. It would read: "being married to this person is hazardous to your health."