Monday, November 21, 2005

What it means to be unique?

In less than 2 days, Thanksgiving will be here, which only signals the coming of the holiday season. This means hitting the retail pavement in search of presents for friends and relatives, etc. Like many people, I want to find gifts that are unique - whether it is handmade or not just as long as it has some unique quality that shows some careful thought was placed into its purchase. Yes, it is idealistic, but this is where the problem lies. Now more than ever, the word "unique" has been so overused by retailers alike that the consumer is often left with so-called "unique" choices that are really much the same. Isn't unique defined by being one of a kind? Because "unique" is no longer "unique" - the word itself has become trite. With this mind, this coming holiday season, I've decided to gather your ideas on what defines a unique gift, especially if it is for a special person in one's life like a parent or spouse. Your ideas are welcomed!

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