Sunday, November 13, 2005

Big Bird wouldn't be Happy

I was watching the Discovery Channel's documentary on Bird Flu. Boy, that freaked me out. While I don't want to be an alarmist, this disease is really really serious.

If you watched the show, what was most bothersome was seeing street vendors slaughter live chickens in an open market. When you live in the US, you never see things like that because when we buy chicken they come in nicely packaged containers. The only thing we have to worry about is cooking the damn thing thoroughly and cleaning up afterwards, which is hardly difficult except when wiping the counter with lysol to prevent salmonella. Since it is only a matter of time when the disease hits the US, I'm a bit disturbed that there is no massive effort to prevent the disease from hitting pandemic levels. I can't imagine how families will deal with this disease if one had to choose between saving a spouse, child, or parent, since drugs and vaccines are in such short supply. All in all, this has really made me question whether I'd still eat chicken! I would certainly have second thoughts about eating it at a party or wedding, or any other gathering.

Get the facts on bird flu at:

CDC information

If you want to watch the program on Discovery Channel, here are the showtimes:


Peri said...

I think i saw that show too. Freaky. I found out that my great grandmother died at age 18 in the 1918 CHicago, leaving my grandfather without a mother.
I guess it could happen again!

Dahlia said...

Oh my goodness. Isn't it crazy how such a thing could happen again.

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