Monday, November 07, 2005

Awkard times

When couples decide to split up, separate, or divorce, there is usually a friend or relative to turn to when things go wrong. This is only natural, of course. But, as a friend or relative, how is one to feel if you find out one day that your closest friend, sister, or cousin has decided to split up, but only for them to get back together again? At first, you'd think that the split would be a positive thing for them, but how are you supposed to feel if you find out that they have decided NOT to split up anymore. I believe it becomes a personal experience for oneself when you support a person through an emotionally difficult experience whether negative or positive. Just as you'd be happy for somebody just about to get married at their wedding, the same can probably be said in a divorce. You'd feel worried for them as you help a friend or relative cope through a tough time. Nevertheless, I still don't know what to say to one of my friends who recently said they were divorcing and are now getting back together. What do you say when you get together for Thanksgiving? It will surely be an awkward feeling...What are you supposed to say?


Cori said...

Yes how are you supposed to feel when you support someone and invest a lot of emotional support and time and letting them lean on you only to find out they are back together? Do you do it again and agian after that? Good question.

Dahlia said...

It can get pretty darn frustating especially if it's a close friend or relative.