Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From Princess to Miss - A Royal to Commoner Wedding

Every once in a while, you hear a story of a commoner marrying into royalty. We look to England for the tumultuous marriage of Princess Di and Princess Charles, and then we hop on down to Spain for the not to distant and extravagant wedding of Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, and then up to Denmark where Prince Frederik nearly two years ago married Australian-born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. We all know that commoners marrying into royalty gain significant rewards. One of them obviously is the attainment or assignment of an official title - that being “princess” most of the time. But, how often do we hear of a member of the royalty marrying a commoner and losing their title? Not very often. The last time I read about such stories was when King Edward VIII married American, Wallis Simpson back in 1937 – giving up his title and duties as king. Today we find a similar story, but not one as drastic as King Edward VIII who left his title of King. Princess Sayako of Japan marries a commoner and will be joining the rank of the commoner soon. Besides giving up her title, she will have to "adjust" to a new way of life. Maybe even some cultural shock? Hmm. I guess this means she will to do ordinary things like grocery shopping and driving a car. Yet, with a $1.2M dowry from the state, that ain't too shabby, either! Yeah, it sounds romantic when a prince or princess marries a commoner for love, but c'mon how bad could it be marrying into royalty and having all of those responsibilities like attending charity teas and soirees. I wonder what it would be like? Can you imagine that?

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