Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spending on your wedding

Ah, it's lunchtime and I'm learning that the stock market has once again plunged. One must wonder how dismal things seem, but surely things should get better. But, let's focus on now. I mean right now. If you have just gotten engaged, you are probably thinking about ten million things. What dress do I get? What cake do I want? Where and when will be the big day? Yes, these are very valid questions, but much of it resides in how much one can actually pay for a wedding. How much can one afford at a time when the economy and much of America is languishing in homes they can't sell?

When you think about your dream wedding, there are some people who just scoff at the idea of spending so much, while there are others who are hypocritical about spending so much only to be spending that much, and then there are others who are just plain honest about how much they can spend and then set realistic options about planning their big day. Whichever camp you belong to, these three articles provide some insightful ways to approach the spending on your wedding:

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