Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Burn that Dress - Would You?

Burn your bra! No, burn or trash your dress! I read this article while surfing at lunch. It struck me that this is going on at a time when your dress is as sacred as can be. But, I guess it is not for some free spirited brides longing to break free. Hmm, break free from what? That's what I wonder about. Nevertheless, you've got TrashtheDress.com, a Web site created by Louisiana photographer Mark Eric. Feeling as surprised as I am, read the article called Wedding Trashers. Any thoughts?


Laura said...

Burn it? No. I wouldn't do that. I would maybe go swimming in my dress on the beach though. I've noticed a proliferation of posts on various wedding blogs in the last few days talking about trash the dress photography sessions and mainly from the point of view that they are a horrible thing to do. Here's my take on it:

You bought the dress, you can do what you want with it. If trashing the dress is not for you, fine, but please don't judge others for it. If you value beautiful pictures more than paying hundreds of dollars to preserve the dress and then stuffing it in a box at the back of your closet for 30 years, then I can totally understand why this trend might appeal to you.

"Trashing the dress" is a misleading term because depending on what you do in your photo session, the dress is not necessarily ruined, and can often be cleaned and sold/donated/preserved later. It will still look brand new after a professional cleaning if all you did was get it wet and sandy.

Trashing the dress is not about being rebellious. It's a different way of remembering your dress than is typical, but it can be really fun. It's a reason to wear your wedding dress a second time. Most brides who do it, do it because it's meaningful to them; it's a way of saying "I have a strong enough faith in my marriage that I know I will never need to wear this dress again, so I can get it dirty now that the wedding is over!"

holly hatam said...

I've just recently found out about this trend as well! The photos are stunning!

Elizabeth Blair York said...

I would burn my dress in a minute, but burning that much manmade materials would probably mean a hazmat team landing on my lawn.

I don't know what they are breaking free of either - unless maybe they were bridezilla's and turning over a new leaf?

I hated my dress because it was second best - I couldn't fit into my teeny tiny grandma's dress, as much as I wanted to.... I think I'm still a little sad about that.

Dahlia's Day said...

Hi! That's quite a unique way to put it.