Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dahlia Wedding Flowers

It's a Dahlia day today! So, it's better to use pictures than words to explain how I love these beautiful flowers. My favorite dahlia colors are fuchsia and orange. Gorgeous as a wedding bouquet!

Video, too! After watching it, I didn't know that there were purple dahlias!

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Vin said...

I love the pictures of flowers because the names just confuse me. I've been making little bouquets and checking out various blogs. I like your because pictures do say a thousand words! The reason I've been making little bouquets is for our new product The Weather Bouquet. It's 99.9% accurate at predicting wedding day weather. It's a fun idea and I'd be interested in getting thoughts on it. I gave one to an experienced florist today and she loved it so much she's taking it to a family members wedding this weekend! On a serious note brides along the east coast especially the Carolinas should look out for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane this weekend. It should be a tropical storm Friday night and come inland sometime Sunday afternoon. Sorry I got off target. That's the meteorologist in me. You can get your wedding weather at