Sunday, December 17, 2006

Venetian Masquerade Ball Wedding Theme

Picture this: a wedding party inspired by 15th Century Italy during the Renaissance. It's not just a step back in time, though. It's a Venetian Carnival masquerade ball. You may be wondering right now, how crazy is that? But, it's an off-beat theme for a bride and groom that want something luxurious and extravagant. Interestingly enough, the carnival season is said to begin on Dec. 26th - (St. Stephen's Day).

There are actually many ideas to planning a masquerade ball. It all depends on how elaborate you want the event to be. Obviously, you'd want to know where to get masks for each of your guests. So, here is an initial list of findings from making them yourself to buying them ready-made. Some are pretty pricey, since they're made by artisans in Venice. You can also check out places that make costumes, and eBay is also a great place to find masks.

Mardi Gras Outlet

Naughty Magpie

Mask Italia

Visions of Venice


From BBC - how to make a Venetian mask

Apollo's Fire (the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra)

DIY Network - Paper Sculpture Masks

For some educational reads:

Venice Carnival - official site featuring travel, hotel, and event information.

History of the Carnival of Venice


Stephanie said...

This is wonderful. I am actually planning a wedding for 11-1-08 and have been planning for a year already. My reception is a venetian masquerade ball theme. Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. My wedding is actually on Halloween, October 31, 2008. I am doing the same thing as Stephanie, a masquerade ball theme.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I am planning my wedding for 10/31/09 and want to do the Masquerade Ball theme. I am just starting to look into this and really want my wedding elegant and story-book, but since it's on Halloween, want to also incorporate the theme. If you ladies have any suggestions on places I can look for photos of masquerade themed parties (looking for decor ideas, etc) please email me. THank you! Kathy Chambless

Anonymous said...

My sister is getting married on 12/31/09 and we've unofficially named her wedding, "Midnight Masquerade." Thanks for all the wonderful links!