Friday, December 22, 2006

The Pregnant Bride - Blessing or Dilemma?

You’ve met the man of your dreams. Everything seemingly appears to be blissfully perfect. You’ve found that wedding gown that you’ve been dreaming for since you were a child. Life could not be better except one day – 3 months before your wedding date you find that you are – PREGNANT. Depending on what kind of “circle” you come from, the news can be one of the following:

Excitement – your mother, your father, your aunts, etc. are all happy for you because you’re already at that age wherein it’s about time you had a baby.

Disappointment – you know that feeling when you yourself know that you don’t want to be having a baby, and telling a single soul could be disastrous.

Apathy – this is an unlikely scenario yet it can sometimes happen.

Nevertheless, you decide to do any of the following:

Tell the groom, but nobody else, not even your mother – naturally, you’d probably want to share it with the groom. If you do this, at least somebody else knows beside yourself. Of course, you’d now be planning on how to conceal the fact that you are now an incubator. Therefore, you resort to finding ways of keeping everything under wraps. Literally, you could keep it under wraps by wearing a shawl with your dress. If you have chosen a strapless gown, a shawl or wrap would be just the right way to look the part well. Another option, change the color of your dress – not everyone might like this choice considering that white or ivory is the norm.

Tell everyone, but those everyone would prefer that the rest of the world (i.e., anyone outside of the immediate family where gossip flies faster than the evening news) not know until after the wedding. – This means that you will have to find a way to cover up everything, so using a shawl could work just as fine. Another option, this assumes that you have chosen a dress that can still be altered, is to create more allowance on the waist area of the gown. Proceed with caution because only a professional seamstress can accomplish such a feat.

Tell it like it is – you and everyone around you doesn’t mind that the rest of the world knows about your new status. Then, if this is the case, you could either alter the dress, or decide to be on the safe side and just get a new gown – perhaps one with an empire cut design, or made for a pregnant bride (i.e., maternity wedding gowns). Some places to check out include:

Nicole Michelle

Her Special Time Maternity

Maternity Bride


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MJ said...

Nowadays it's quite common to have brides pregnant before marriage.

I think it's nothing to be ashamed of if both bride & bridegroom want to have the baby and are prepared to take care of the baby.