Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Unusual yet Fun Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a tradition usually held in a special place to honor the bride. But how about a different take on it? Say, a travel/shopping shower? And, just where would you go with five of your bridesmaids, if not Hong Kong! Assumming that money is not an issue, a one week trip can be so much fun considering that Hong Kong boasts the world's top designer brands imaginable from a to z. Think Rodeo Drive times 10. The shops also close late unlike in the US. If you love to travel, you may be surprised with Hong Kong's vibrant shopping atmosphere. Be forewarned, Hong Kong is a lot like New York, but more compact to say the least (like Tokyo).

Hong Kong Guide

So, just how do you start planning? A few of these places should be helpful:

Plan your mall trek strategically - depending on where your hotel is located. When it comes to looking for a bargain, you can find most of them at the shopping centers. However, you can also find great bargains at many of the outdoor markets. If you do decide to shop with outside vendors, be extremely careful about haggling for the best deal - only recommended for the truly experienced bargain hunter. Also, do not buy anything suspected of being a fake.

Below are just a few examples-

Times Square

IFC Mall

Harbour City

Choose one that has the most diverse access to the major shopping centers. Also, many of the hotels are located pretty close or right beside many of the malls.

Fodor's List
Among the more popular hotels are Excelsior Mandarin Oriental, Park Lane, and Marco Polo.

Subway and Tram
When selecting a mode of transportation, you can usually take the subway or taxi to get from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. Once within the city proper, it is fairly easy to get around by walking - be prepared to bring some damn good walking shoes.


HK Tramways

HK International Airport
From the airport, you can take the Airport Express to the city that will land at a depot with a bus service to all the major hotels. Incidentally, the airport looks much like a mall, too. For those last minute shoppers, the airport has some great shops, too.

Restaurant Guide
There is no shortage of good eats, but be wise and eat at a place that wouldn't have you reaching for some Immodium. You know what I mean. Of course, you'd be nuts not to eat some good Chinese food such as dimsum. Heck, you're already in Hong Kong. How better can that get? Many of the malls also have great restaurants, so check out their listings, as well.

Eat Drink Hong Kong

Frommer's Best Dining Bets

Discover Hong Kong - Gourmet Guide

Travel Tips

Lonely Planet

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming to plan with your bridesmaids, a honeymoon side trip to Hong Kong could look awfully tempting!

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