Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year's Wedding Resolution(s)

As everyone knows resolutions are either made and kept, or made and forgotten. 2007 brings a new year for setting the right attitude towards planning one's wedding.

And for the groom, this can mean the following:

1. Helping the bride out with the invitations. If it's a small task such as putting stamps on the envelopes of those wedding invitations, then offer some help. Even better - offer to call up or email all those guests who forgot to send their RSPVs.

2. Trying out the food and cake. When looking for a caterer or restaurant, some brides prefer to go all out on their own because getting the groom involved is just too much of a hassle. Let's face it, some guys just don't want to be involved in this process.

3. Compromising on the guest list. If it means that the bride wants her old high school friend at the wedding reception, then just let her invite one more person. Besides, perhaps you might get a nice gift at the same time.

4. Being nice to your future mother in law. Yes, we all know what it is like when you simply cannot stand her, but she is the mother of your future wife, and you must like some quality about her that made you decide to marry their daughter.

5. Getting back in shape. Get that beer belly stomach flat in the next several months. Work out and look the part for your wedding.

And for the bride, what does this mean:

1. Don't get mad at the groom for not helping out. Hey, guys can sometimes be just plain dense. Yes, they can be, and if you don't explain the importance of chooding the right type of icing, then he will never know. Explain and be gentle, though.

2. Don't be too demanding on your wedding planner. She is out there for you and wants the best, so make reasonable requests. If you are a bride with an enormous wedding budget for the wedding planner, then explain things in detail to her, so she knows exactly what you want.

3. Don't settle for something that is cheap or deeply discounted unless you are willing to compromise on something that is bound to come up wrong. This can mean spenidng a little more on items (e.g., good wedding shoes, favors, or gloves), but you will be thankful in the end because you know the saying "you get what you pay for."

4. Do take time to enjoy the planning process with the groom. You can do this by establishing some incentives such as a nice weekend getaway or romantic lunch by the beach.

5. Manage time and expectations. If choosing flowers will probably take up 3-4 hours, perhaps it's best that the groom stay out. If you know it will take that long, be prepared for one bored guy.

Happy New Year to all new bride and grooms!

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