Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Vegas Wedding?

The scenario is you and your long time boyfriend have been living together for more than 3 years that it already feels like your married already. Boyfriend says that it's better to just elope or have a simple civil wedding, so that you can save money for a real grand wedding down the line.

I have two main issues with this proposal:

1) How is it guaranteed that an actual wedding will happen?

2) How important is it for a woman to have a nice wedding as opposed to an elopement in Vegas or a civil wedding?

Personally, I would not want such an option because a wedding should be a special event, not one that you can postpone down the line. And, you can still have a simple yet memorable and elegant wedding with enough help from friends and family. There are many ways to creatively budget and plan for a wedding without going broke like getting married during the winter instead of summer, baking your own wedding cake, or making your own flower arrangements, favors, and wedding invitations. On the flip side, there are some people who would definitely prefer a small intimate ceremony like on a beach for their wedding - just two of you and the officiant.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Good idea for a blog. I've been married for 15 years and I have a lot to say on the topic, although I usually confine it to the more depressing entries on my blog. It's time to get a little happier.

Cool stuff.

Snidget said...

I dunno... I had a nice wedding and I don't remember any of it.

Bill said...

I've had two weddings, one a big deal, which I barely remembered it was so 'busy'... and the second where it was just me, the Mrs and the "officiant"...

I remember the last one, every detail as the only thing I was focused on, all day, was her and I.

I'd opt for the simple plan everytime.

Good post!

Krush said...

I had two weddings the full-blown big deal, which was the wedding my mother always wanted...not what I wanted. And the second one was immediate family only...11 people total and I remember every detail and was thrilled with how it turned out. I recommend small every focuses more on the marriage than the party.