Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Anna Nicole

The US judicial system has reached new heights as the US Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of Anna Nicole's inheritance disupute. As the widower of a former 90 year old oil tycoon, her ongoing legal dispute with the son of her now deceased husband certainly brings new meaning to the phrase "legally blonde". It would be really interesting to see how the case is eventually handled - that is from a legal perspective.

A little tidbit: at the age of 26, after she had married J. Howard Marshall in an equally fast wedding, Anna ran off with her bodyguard and honeymooed in Greece with him (i.e., bodyguard - Pierre de Jean).

On a side note:

It's been a crappy week. When buying tickets from a travel agent you found on the web, always be sure to ask about cancellation policies. Some will charge you a cancellation fee even without authorizing a credit card charge yet.

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Claire said...

News of Anna Nicole's case is even making the news over here! It's just all so over the top really!