Friday, September 16, 2005

Continued from Yes or No?

Given another chance at getting married, if my fiancé were to ask me to sign a pre-nup, I would be extremely worried as to how sincere or solid his feelings are towards me. And, I’d really wonder at how much he really knows me to want to live with me for the rest of his life. I'd most likely have second thoughts about our relationship as a result. I gather that a pre-nup becomes necessary when you want to be sure that your spouse is not going to run after your entire assets should you get a divorce, but then it certainly goes back to the first question, which is why do you need a pre-nup? On the other side, I can also understand why others may view it as a safety button in a marriage because nowadays people seem to rush to the wedding altar too soon. Case in point, the 4 month marriage of Jerry Maguire’s leading lady or “you had me at hello.” Both men and women that choose to marry later in life in order to pursue their careers face this problem because you never know what people are like when they get divorced – things can get ugly as in the case of Liza Minelli and David Guest whose star studded wedding celebration became a distance memory soon after the couple decided to call it quits amid allegations that Liza was a husband-beater. There are just so many examples out there that seem to indicate how important it is to know who you are marrying before taking the plunge.


chase said...

It's the whole get rich quick, get satisfied quick, mentality that people have. They watch these reality shows and think someone is going to bless them with a miracle, no one want to "work" for anything anymore. Not love, not marriage...and then when it doesnt work out, they want to walk away with much more than what they walked in with.
If i had tons of money and the person i was marrying had nothing, I might think of a prenup.

Dahlia said...

That's so true. It's not that easy at all.

Hoyt Slavik said...


Adryenn Ashley said...

Nearly 70% of all marriages that end are due to financial stress. Add to that crushing statistic that divorce has not only become acceptable, but nearly inevitable! Why? Because we as a society don't take the time to do the work up front to ensure lifelong happiness. In fact, many smart, single girls revert back to schoolgirl fantasies once the ring goes on their finger. Faster than their guy can get up off of bended knee, these girls are pulling out the bridal magazines and obsessing over napkins and cake flavors. Combining two well-lived lives requires as much attention, more in fact, as planning a fairytale wedding. So Every Single Girl's Guide To Her Future Husband's Last Divorce is my contribution to all future second wives out there so they can learn the ropes without getting in the ring. We owe it to ourselves and our families to protect our ASSets!

Because today, many women have MORE than the men they marry!