Thursday, September 01, 2005


In most states, the legal marrying age is 18. I thought that this was applicable to all states, but as it turns out the Kansas and a few other states, including allow individuals or should I say, kids as young as 12. With such antediluvian laws still existing in America, what is most disturbing about these laws is that they pretty much fail to protect minors when an adult chooses to marry a minor as in the case of a couple from Nebraska got married in Kansas. When I say couple, the groom was 22, while the bride (pregnant at that) was only 13! What era are these legislators stuck in?


Claire said...

That is totally unbelievable! We still have some awfully out of date laws here too!

Cori said...

That is child porn or molestation or rape or something. I am sure it has a name. Its just really wrong.

Bill said...

Even stranger than the law... to me at least... is that anyone would want to marry a 12 year old!

Some folks just aren't wired right!