Friday, January 07, 2011

More Flowers on My Mind

With the fashion and events worlds all abuzz about honeysuckle as Pantone's Color of the Year, can't help it if I've got more flowers on my mind! Or should I say, on the wrist?

It may seem a bit "Victorian" but I always thought those little nosegays worn on the wrist were so charming. Not to mention practical, too. At weddings, bridesmaids have to worry about keeping their formal purses safely at hand and holding up their skirts to avoid stepping on the hem. So a bouquet could be somewhat of a bother. Enter these mini, hands-free creations!

Wrist corsages like these make lovely bridal party accessories - serving the purpose of both floral accent and jewelry at the same time:
  1. A lace-and-flowers cuff features honeysuckle blooms
  2. Roses and berries create a bold red statement
  3. Orchids and tiny asters make a refined combination
  4. A pearl bracelet is adorned with purple orchids

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