Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooch and Button Bouquets

You've surely noticed that weddings today are incorporating more and more handmade elements. You see it in the decor, in guest favors, and even in the bridal party's attire and accessories--such as some ultra-creative, non-floral bouquets. This idea isn't exactly new. But it still continues to amaze me at what fabulous arrangements designers (and even brides themselves) have created from all sorts of materials!

Today's "Take Two" reminds us of what gorgeous wedding bouquets have been made from fancy brooches (both vintage and not) and decorative buttons. From sophisticated and elegant, to sweet and whimsical--you can choose a style for every type of wedding!

  1. Two stunning bouquets (top) made entirely of floral brooches from Fantasy Floral Designs 
  2. "Pretty in pink" all-button nosegay from RBK Creations via Helen Carter Weddings
  3. Whimsical felt and button arrangement from Princess Lasertron via Wedding Bee Pro
  4. Unstructured bouquet of brooches and buttons from Simply Stephy

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