Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Cutest Little Flower Girl Dresses from JCrew

I'm going small today. Small as in turning my attention to the littlest members of the wedding entourage. The flower girl! And when it comes to looking for cute dresses, J Crew has some of the nicest pieces. Some may find them pricey, but they're just oozing with cuteness! Take these three lovely ones:

Coral, sleeveless with ruffles

Pink organza with tulle underlay - luv this! it's on sale, too!

Metallic gilded with crinkled design - unusual yet pretty, too.

And if you find that these are a bit over your budget. Get creative with the outfits. Try dressing them up as little ballerinas or fairies with wings. Or consider other costumes that would be appropriate. These are ideal for an elegant garden ceremony in the summer. Imagine that!

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