Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Casual Wedding Attire for Beach Weddings

With the lingering effects of the past recession, I think casual weddings are definitely a mainstay this season! Consider going casual without going totally informal by having a "smart" casual look. The look I'm talking about is especially ideal for a beach wedding! So today I'm focusing on how you can dress up for your wedding this summer sans the tux and formal gown, but still being high on style.

Enter first the groom! For him, I suggest the Seersucker sport coat from Brooks Brothers. A Cuban straw hat would look equally handsome as well. If you don't want to have a bowtie, a tie would work, too.

via Brooks Brothers

And for the bride, I just love this white eyelet sheath dress from Talbot's. It's simply elegant. Imagine yourself with a beautiful hydrangea bouquet while outfitted in this dress. Accessorize your look with a lovely shawl or wrap because beach weddings can get cool at night!

via Talbot's

If you tally up the total you'll spend on the above outfits, you won't be spending any more than $500-800 total. Plus, you can wear them again. Lastly, with the money that you will save on your wedding attire, what do you do? Splurge on your honeymoon, baby.

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ShoppingAddict said...

Im getting married in 8 weeks and im not having a casual wedding, im going all out, a proper princess wedding and i cant wait :)