Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have a Themed Bridal Shower Cake!

Let's talk cake! While we almost always see the ever-popular three-tiered cake, I wanted to turn my attention to other cakes. Specifically, the bridal shower cake. It's a real chance to showcase the personality and style of the bride. You can make it as whacky as a bustier (yes, I've seen this) or as elegant as a white lace butttercream one finished with peonies. Be creative when crafting the theme and color of the cake, and whoever is in charge of ordering the cake, you can also match the cake with the invitations of the event, so that it's a good way of creating consistency! Plus, the guests can anticipate what's ahead. Look below and you will see an example of a bridal shower cake at a Caribbean themed bridal shower!
Ain't it cute?

via the Post Gazette

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