Friday, April 16, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Bridal Shower Ideas - OLE!

So, tax day finally came and went! And now it's time to gear up for something more festive and exciting. Care to guess? Of course, it's Cinco de Mayo. Make it a bridal shower-a coed shower. A fun theme that's sure to be memorable. Think of a colorful table setting with artful ceramic serving platters, shapely margarita glasses, and a bountiful serving of food. Having kids over? Then consider a pinata. You may even find yourself wanting to hit that thing. Or have one for adults! Why not! The goal is to have fun. A chance to be a kid all over again, but in a grown up way.

I've found some cool stuff to help you get your party planning started.

Party Invites via - Luv the pretty borders of this invitation. Perfect for a casual celebration!

Celebration Cake via CHARM & MAVE'S CAKES - This whimsical sombrero will also make a great groom's cake for a Cinco de Mayo wedding.

Drinks - Great for Teetotalers and kids! Mexican Jarritoas Sodas available in various flavors. My neighbor says that you can find them at any Mexican grocery. They're very popular. You can even have your own drinks bar with tequilas, mojitos, Coronas, and a whole array of refreshing drinks. Remember to have ice. Lots of ice.

Taco Bar DIY - this is a place wherein you can save a lot of money with your food budget. Rachel Ray has this idea for a taco bar. You can also incorporate burritos and tortillas. Include items such as beef asada, shrimp, and carnitas. And don't forget the sides such as sour cream, salsa, limes, cilantro, cut onions, and lettuce! Hot sauce, anyone?

More on the web, too. I've gathered some more ideas for you to use:

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