Thursday, June 11, 2009

3D Grooms Cakes

I couldn't help but just laugh when I decided to post about 3D cakes. They're a whimsical way to really bring out the grooms cake! Who would have thought that planning this cake could be so much fun. Even more fun than probably picking out the wedding cake itself. Imagine. You can not only be adventurous with the design of the cake, but also with the flavors of the cake, too. Think all out chocolate, peanut butter, or even flavors infused with liqueur! Oh yum! Some of my favorites:

Sedona Sweet Arts Bakery - this is just too funny!

Michelle Cakes from the UK - this girl is good

Sweet Rewards - this guitar cake is amazing


JJ said...

Awesome frog cake. It is the best one I ever seen. Unbelievable.... So great

Mary.O said...

I love these grooms cakes, and I'm just in love with the toad cake. I always think it's a great idea to add grooms cakes along-side traditional weddings cakes, because it's a nice way to display the joining of bride and groom.

- Mary