Monday, June 22, 2009

7 ways on how to have a summer wedding cheaply

Yes, these are drastic but guaranteed not to leave you broke:

1) Hold the ceremony and reception in a park - this can be your community recreation center or even a public park

2) Get your friends and family to chip in with the food - have a potluck party!

3) Have an ice cream and dessert table or a pie party instead of one big cake or if you still want to have one cake, make your own and decorate it with edible flowers

4) Instead of a white gown that can cost a bundle, have a simple white dress that you can wear as a party dress. If the wedding is on a beach, wear a flowing sun dress in white. The look can be just stunning and stylish!

5) Don't tux it! Just wear a chic navy blue suit and a sharp tie! Grooms - get a good haircut! This can make a big difference.

6) Instead of sending actual paper invites, send them out via online invitations or if you are truly daring, just text it.

7) Get married on a weekday. A Thursday or Friday can save you major $$$$.

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Lena said...

I think this is a great set of tips! Unusual but cool!