Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Wedding in a Funeral Place?

Ever plan a wedding only to realize or discover that the venue for your wedding is also a place for funerals. Yes - this is happening in places around America as people live longer and funeral homes are resorting to creative ways of brining in revenue. Some people may simply refuse to admit that this can't possibly be true, but many mortuaries are coming with expanded services such as catered meals, reception hall rentals, and are even offering entertainment such as multimedia. Sound like something morbidly creative from a business perspective, but then again, that's being entrepreneurial. In the end, would you mind having a wedding in a funeral home or would you rather go to Vegas and get it done with cheaply?

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HamiHarri said...

Wow! Who knew! I guess many ppl consider funerals celebrations too...

Jenni Lee said...

Hi Dahlia,
your blog is amazing!
Iam getting married in September and your blog is such an inspiration! you have so much cool stuf on it.