Monday, June 04, 2007

CD Invitations are here to stay

Step aside paper, multimedia is here to stay. In the manner of speaking, at least for weddings! The digital age is definitely making it more creative when it comes to creating invitations - you know, those paper ones, that you used to get. But now, Cd Invites has come up with an innovative way to send out your wedding invitations. You can customize your CD invitation in basically 3 easy steps:

1) You choose the design - they also have designs for other special events

2) You choose the package to present the cd - a tin (square or round), round case, or jewel case

3) You customize it with your images - they create a proof, you approve, and it's done

Each cd pacakge includes:

1. Customized slide show with 20 images
2. Cd Design with your custom info.
3. Printed customized matching invite card
4. Email RSVP link
5. CD Casing (Jewel Case or Tin Case)

They are also having a contest for a chance to win 100 free cd invitations, check it out:

For pricing info, check out:

That's pretty much all you need to do besides making sure it gets out in the mail.


Mel said...

I visited their website. Quite a cute bunch of products. Very convenient and lasting way to send out invitations.

Leora said...

Well said.