Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Photo Books - Create Them with Viovio

My coffee table is usually filled with the usual clutter of magazines - be it a bridal, fashion, or lifestyle mag. But, how often does something come along that is so cool and attractive, that you just gotta have it displayed on your coffee table. Yes, there are photo albums, but how about your own photo book - like those you see in the bookstores. With a hardbound cover, glossy pages, and fantastic pics of you, Viovio allows you to do this with great ease and economy.

They also offer bulk discounts. The prices aren't bad at all. For instance: 20 page perfect bound book: $4.99 + (20 * $.25) = $9.99. It takes about 14 business days for the hard cover books to be produced. What is most unique about their product and service is that you can even sell your own photo book on their website. Perhaps it's time to be a budding photographer after all. Looking for a fab wedding gift that is radically different, then give the bride and groom a gift certificate from Viovio.


Laura said...

We're actually going to do this for our wedding album instead of ordering one from the photographer at vast cost - but we've compared a few sites offering this service and settled on Blurb instead. It's more expensive but I like the design options better and have heard great things about the final product.

Other sites that offer self-published photo books are Shutterfly, Buzznet, and My Publisher.

Dahlia's Day said...

I think it's really practical and more affordable than having a chunky photo album. Plus, the concept is very unique and original. Thanks for the additional site mentions!


E said...

I think this is a great way to save and still have record of my special day. I found a great site with some unique albums that are beautiful on my coffee table and I put my wedding photos in it and all my guests can not help but pick it up and then we start talking about my special day. The album is covered in silk and I am told it was handmade in China. Pretty exciting for me. Oh, the site is