Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weddingsphere - October 30th Weekly Roundup

This past week of Halloween, the weddingsphere became more of a basket of oddities and outrages:

How not to have a low-key wedding
Ruler of poor Burmese country + lavish wedding for daughter = extreme public outrage

Let the Pope Bless your Wedding
If you're royalty, anything is fair game. It also doesn't hurt if you are the child of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. They say that this is the first British royal wedding to take place at the Vatican since the Reformation - after 500 years. This lucky couple even got a blessing from Pope Benedict XVI. He should get a nice party "favor" from the couple.

Make that an animal for my wedding registy
Move aside linens and china, this wedding couple wants animals - exotic ones, please.

Hot Wedding Venue Snatched
It's always disappointing when you've found the perfect wedding venue only for it to be bought out by some celebrity.

"A Hell of a Wedding Theme"
Yes, there is a village called Hell in the state of Michigan. So, being Halloween, one couple decided to go all out on their wedding theme with costumes and all their gore (i.e., trimmings).

A Fourth Wedding

Take the fourth and final wedding of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. I guess you can say that they just had to have four weddings to officialy tie the knot. Boy, they must have had one very happy wedding planner.

Picture of the Week
Snow has not fallen yet, but these snowflake cookies sure look good in time for winter! Check out the other great cookies at Dave's Cookie Gallery - pretty amazing stuff, here.

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