Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Easy Suggestions for Bridal Hair Struggles

Everyone struggles with their hair..Okay. Correction...Some women tend to struggle with their hair and the situation gets worse when you're getting married. So, just what do you do with your hairstyle? Here are three easy suggestions for the long and short of it, and everything in between:

1) Wear it up
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2) Wear it down (you can even use hair extensions, if you have short hair to begin with)
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3) Wear it short and sweet
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Still can't decide what to do? Then try out the cool virtual hairstyle tool on, or if it's still an impossibility, perhaps a wig? Maybe not...


Elizabeth Blair York said...

I was paralyzed with hair style thoughts...

Then my hairstylist told me to go through a batch of recent pictures of myself, and bring in the ones I thought looked good.

I brought a digital camera, so I could look at a couple of the options she did on my head one afternoon.

Ended up with a tweaked out a style from a picture of me that I love.

Just an idea :)

Dahlia said...

Wow. That is a superb idea! It's very practical since you're using your own photos to achieve the right hairstyle. Thanks for dropping by:)